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Thursday, June 30, 2011


I posted this on a forum and felt like I should archive it somewhere. There's plenty more to be said, ask and if I know I'll yap about it.

 pardon the spell check.

check it out. when you vocalise, let up on your airflow mid scream and hear what your voice is doing underneath the harshness. the harsh tone is caused by the flaps under your vocal chords vibrating, much in the same way a throat singer sings, and thus are not necessarily connected to your actual voice. I can hear you're basically whispering under your scream, which is cool, you can get a tone like the lows of canopy or cannibal corpse (corpsegrinder) highs.


Its much darker, but as I can see you're doing more deathcore type of stuff, which usually calls for a more aggresive tone as opposed to the darker tone you get while whispering. Try using your voice under your growl and play with what that does. a very extreme example of what happens when you really push that forward is gorefest.


a much more realistic example would be the lows of barney from napalm death.


Here, you can really hear his real voice as well as the harsh false chords under his chords. if you lower your real voice and retain the same style, you can end up with a harsher tone, like Skinless.


Another thing you can do is go into falsetto, which you must be careful with, cuz it can hurt if you do it wrong, so play with that. If you apply that to your highs, you can get actual notes from your screams witht he overtones of your voice. a very extreme example of this would be aaskeria. the highs right when the song blows up.


With lows, you can get some sweet gorguts lows. he's clearly doing it at the beggining of the song here.


Ok, part two. mouth shape. really important. theres a ton of things you can do here, you kind of just have to watch vocalists do them and figure them out. Examples... stick your bottom jaw out and up, and it forces your throat to tighten up and gives you a cool meaty tone. this one is my favorite! I stole it from infidelamsterdam. he kinda sucks, but he does when he does the pig squeal.


here's a vocal cover I did, and I'm doing this at 2:00. I was still sort of figuring this one out at this point, so i'm a little sketchy, but it's there, and I'd like to think it's better lol.


Also, immediately before that, I'm making a mouth shape like im sucking on a popsicle, (not a dick) and pushing my mouth waaaay forward. big chocolate is way better at this than I. but screw that guy. he's a monster. but seriously watch other peoples vocal videos and copy their mouth shape. like this one. i still suck at it but hey.


Lastly, make sure you're vibrating every possible part of your throat under your chords for your lows! watch most of these guys and they put their whole body into it. do that! make your chest a resonant chamber and let loose until you feel your whole chest rumbling. Also, try throat singing. And look up classical vocal techniques for resonance. It's good practice for this. Don't take any of this lightly, practice a lot but not too much, and good luck!